The global economy is undertaking a profound shift. At its core, the way we fuel our industries, homes and businesses must respond to two core challenges that emerged in the 20th century; human induced global warming and the rise of new, disruptive, technologies.

The evidence of the impacts of the consumption of fossil fuels on our planet, through global warming, smog and conflict, is unequivocal. Society will need to change and adapt as the consequences of the continued use of resources in a manner that is unsustainable and against the advice of experts, continue to emerge.

Thankfully, technological change has provided us with a way to make this challenge one that can be conquered. Clean energy technologies have rapidly improved over the last couple of decades, to the point that they don’t just make environmental sense, but the arguments for their adoption extend to sensible economic planning and social sustainability.

The intention of RenewReporter is to document, report and analyse the transformation currently underway in our energy sector. It will serve as a platform for the voices of those participating and shaping this transformation.


There are so many informed, active, voices working in the climate and energy policy place globally, and particularly in Australia. If you would like to contribute (RenewReporter is but a platform, of course), please get in touch – [email protected]


RenewReporter is located in the <2degrees Renewable Energy Innovation Hub in Canberra.

19-23 Moore Street,
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